Tatjana of the Golden Fir CEA +/-, MDR1 +/-, PRA +/+
                                      Kortrijk Eurodogshow 20.11.2022 1Exc/RCAC/RCACIB Judge : Mrs A. Albrigo( It) Mouscron IDS 29.01.2023 1Exc/RCAC/RCACIB  will be converted into full CAC/CACIB Judge : Mrs Sonia Kelveri-Philippou(Cy)
                                  SHELTIES OF THE GOLDEN FIR 
Dt Ch Eros von der Sheltieban.de CEA +/+, MDR1+/+, PRA +/+ , HD:B1
         Eros (Agi 3)         has been passing on        his drive and speed          to his children.
                     Mult ch Nefertite(dam)
                                                                Value from Guy
Mons Wallonian show 02.10.2022 : Best Vet Judge: Mr José Cardoso  (Pt) Genk(BE) Halloween show 16.10.2022  Best Vet/shorlisted in Main Ring Judges: Mrs Jadranka Mijatavic/Mr Marian Draganescu(RO) Genk(BE) Christmas show 17.12.2022 Best Vet /Judge :Mr Jean-Franç!ois Vanaken (BE)      Mouscron (BE) IDS 29.01.2023 : Best Vet Judge : Mrs Sonia Kelveri-Philppou(Cy)  Nefertite has finished her title of  Belg Vet Ch 2023            
Open show “Die Scone”07.08.2022 3rd Best Puppy in show Judges : Mrs L. De Ridder (BE)/Mr D. Van Raamsdonk Mons Wallonian show 02.10.2022 4Best Puppy in Show Judge :Mr. José Cardoso  Silva(Pt) Kortrijk Eurodogshow 20.11.2022: Best Puppy Judge: Mrs Anna Albrigo (It) Mouscron IDS 29.01.2023 : 1Exc/CAC Jr/Best Bitch/BOS (at 10 months ) Judge : Mrs Sonia Kelveri-Philppou(Cy)
2 blm dogs-2 tric bitches1 tric dog